The best transmission shop in Springfield MO

Locally owned since 1981, ACE Transmission is the fastest transmission shop in town, with expert quality control and an amazing nationwide warranty.

Get expert transmission repair
– in as little as 1 day!

Laser focus on transmission repair & replacement

When you go to the doctor, you probably don’t want a general practitioner doing heart surgery. The same goes for transmission repair, which is one of the most complex parts of a vehicle. And modern transmission systems are much more complicated than they used to be. Plus, everything within a vehicle is now computer-controlled and interconnected. That’s why ACE Transmission employs highly trained diagnosticians and technicians who focus entirely on these complex systems.

Lots of vehicles on lifts in a transmission shop in Springfield MO.
Our 21 vehicle bays get transmission repairs done quickly.

Hire transmission experts

We want to be the local authority in transmission repair, so we focus almost exclusively on automatic transmission repair and remanufacturing transmissions. We do a little general engine repair. However, while working on your transmission, we can also handle a transfer case, a front differential pinion seal, a CV axle, or suspension components. It’s not our main focus, but we want to help take care of our customers.

A transmission repair technician walks past a large commercial work truck on an outdoor lift.
Our large outdoor lift can handle large work trucks, buses, and RVs (Up to class 6 vehicle weight).

So if you want to work with a company that has a laser focus on all things related to transmission repair and placement, schedule a diagnostic appointment with ACE Transmission in Springfield, Missouri.

Get a premium transmission
– remanufactured & installed locally!

Superior parts from our local transmission remanufacturing facility

We buy the best parts and build the best units to get the best results for you. We own the factory that remanufactures the vast majority of our transmissions, right here in Springfield, Missouri. So we know every single part that goes into every single unit we produce. We research the best parts to purchase and the best installation techniques, and we constantly adjust our supply chain and procedures to maximize success. Our highly trained experts remanufacture each transmission by hand, and we inspect each unit in our high-tech, in-house testing lab.

An employee installing a remanufactured transmission at ACE in Springfield MO.

Better tools = better results

We also search for the best equipment for our shop. For example, we focus on maintaining the best scan tools on the market. But our transmission flushing machines are our favorite set of tools. At ACE Transmission, every technician has a state-of-the-art Hot Flush machine that removes every tiny particle from the transmission system – and any nearby component that could affect your newly rebuilt transmission. That way, debris from one part won’t mess up another component. We invest in the best tools because we strive for quality results. We don’t want you to have any problems after you leave our shop.

Testing & quality control

After completing your transmission repairs, we take the vehicle out for a rigorous road test. We want to ensure it’s running in tip-top shape before you take it home. After the road test, we return it to our transmission shop and put it back on the lift. We inspect the vehicle from stem to stern again searching for any possible concerns before we send you out on the road with it. We’re real sticklers for double-checking our work because quality is number one.

The fastest transmission shop in southwest Missouri

A “rebuilt” transmission vs a “remanufactured” transmission

Everyone, from construction crews to soccer moms, benefits from the fast and reliable repair ACE Transmission provides. That’s why, over the past 40 years, we’ve made speed our niche in the transmission industry. Our local transmission remanufacturing facility provides expertly engineered and carefully assembled transmissions that may actually be better than your original factory unit.

Other shops may recommend you let them “rebuild” your transmission – but may only bandage the problem temporarily. They remove your broken unit, take it apart, replace just a few parts, put it back together, and reinstall it in your vehicle. This is a very time-consuming and, we think, less effective solution. In fact, some research shows, 70% of rebuilt transmissions fail within the first three years of being fixed.

A classic Chevrolet Corvette on a lift at a transmission shop in Springfield MO.
We restore both late-model and classic cars.

That’s why, At ACE Transmission, we don’t rebuild transmissions – we offer remanufactured transmissions. This is the superior solution to getting your car and your life back on the road in a fraction of the time. A “reman” unit is a like-new transmission. It has been fully restored to manufacturer specifications.

We overhaul each remanufactured transmission with new or resurfaced parts. We thoroughly wash and paint each unit so it’s sparkling clean. And our highly trained technicians thoroughly test each unit using state-of-the-art dynamometers that simulate real-world conditions your car will face. This ensures your remanufactured unit is a quality transmission that is more reliable than the one that came new in your car and up to three times as reliable as one that’s rebuilt in other shops. And we stand behind our work. That’s why we include a 3-year, 100,000-mile, nationwide warranty. We keep hundreds of remanufactured transmissions in stock. That way, if your transmission fails, we will likely have the unit you need in stock, ready to install, so you can get back on the road quickly. If we don’t have your unit in stock, we will find one as fast as possible. If we have your unit in stock, we may replace your transmission in as little as one day.

Other transmission shops

  1. Remove your transmission (making it undrivable)
  2. Begin rebuilding your old, broken transmission
  3. Order parts as needed and wait for them to arrive
  4. Finish rebuilding your old transmission
  5. Reinstall it

Total time in their shop:
at least 4 or 5 days.

ACE Transmission

  1. We simply grab a fully remanufactured transmission from our large inventory (when possible)
  2. Remove your old transmission
  3. Replace it that same day

Total time in our shop:
as little as 1 day!

Amazing nationwide parts-and-labor warranty

We are confident the transmission we install in your vehicle will stand the test of time. That’s why we include a fantastic warranty on every unit. You can relax knowing that your investment is covered! Our standard warranty is included with your transmission at no extra charge. It covers your entire transmission system for three years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

An employee speaking with customers at ACE Transmission in Springfield, Missouri.

3-year 100,000-mile warranty includes:

  • No-hassle claims
  • Superior technical support
  • Immediate replacement if needed
  • The labor to repair or replace them (labor up to $70 dollars per hour)
  • Mobil 1 transmission fluid
  • Coast-to-coast nationwide coverage
  • Transferable to the next owner