Transmission Problems?

How do you know if a transmission repair is necessary? Is your car making a funny sound? Is your truck shaking more than usual? Don’t go to a general auto repair shop if you suspect transmission troubles. Ask our dedicated experts for transmission diagnostic testing to ensure your vehicle gets the correct repairs.

Signs of transmission problems

When you have trouble with your automatic transmission, it could manifest in a catastrophic event – like when your car breaks down and leaves you stranded on the side of the road.

Signs of a severe transmission failure:

  • The vehicle refuses to go into gear.
  • The vehicle is grinding or shaking like you’re driving over a washboard.

But there could be earlier, more subtle signs of transmission troubles.

Early signs of transmission failure:

  • It smells like something is burning.
  • The vehicle whines or hums when changing gears or when sitting in neutral.
  • The tachometer goes really high, then drops. It feels like the gears are “slipping.”
  • Fluid is leaking on your driveway.
  • The check engine light is on.
  • There seems to be a lack of response when changing gears.

Find a great transmission shop for expert advice

At ACE Transmission, we perform a thorough diagnostic before quoting or starting repairs. That way, you get the right parts adjusted or replaced –  and don’t waste time and money on the wrong components.

Sometimes, we find it’s not a problem with your transmission at all. It could be an engine misfire – it could be a lot of things. That’s why our diagnostic technicians are so focused on thoroughly inspecting your vehicle.

What’s included in a transmission diagnostic test?

A thorough transmission diagnostic test can be well worth the cost. You’re getting expert, hands-on advice that helps you make important financial decisions.

  1. The diagnostic technician will drive the vehicle, if possible. With years of experience, a great tech can tell a lot by listening and feeling the vehicle as it goes down the road.
  2. The diagnostic technician will also check the electrical system and computer codes. So much of your vehicle is affected by computer signals. An error code in one system can affect other systems.
  3. If the error code is related to a repair we can’t provide, we will print the error codes so you can take it to a shop specializing in that issue. And we will recommend a good general mechanic shop.
  4. If it is a transmission-related issue, we will explain the problem and offer a plan to resolve it along with the cost to complete the work.

We have excellent staff members at ACE Transmission. Some of our diagnostic technicians have been in the industry for decades!

If you want to ensure that your vehicle gets the proper care, make an appointment to have it checked out. That way, you get the right parts replaced and keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come.